Continued Professional Development

Here at Chalk, we are proud to offer our teachers and support staff regular, relevant and specialist CPD (Continued Professional Development) training. We are committed to helping you develop your skills and keep you up to date with the latest practices in your sector. Our CPD courses are helpful and educational with a bit of fun thrown in!

Our Courses Include


This online Safeguarding Children course is designed to give everyone who works, or has contact with children, young people and/or their families an introduction into safeguarding. This content will give you the knowledge you need to Safeguard Children and what to do when certain situations arise.

Disability Awareness

This online training course is a great source of information and advice for organisations and workers to ensure that they comply with equality legislation and can support a wider range of young people. Participants will complete the course with a general awareness of how to interact positively with disabled people.

Interview skills

Our online Interview Skills course it designed to help job seekers learn the interpersonal and communication skills needed for a successful interview. This online content will provide job seekers with the information to prepare for an interview. It will also cover what the legal issues are surrounding interviews, effective questioning and listening techniques and how to decide on the right candidate for the job.

Mental health Awareness

This online Mental Health Awareness content is aimed at staff working with mental health, so that they are able to effectively respond to the needs of the young people. Candidates will gain an understanding how to recognise the symptoms of mental disorders and how to understand that people experiencing possible mental disorders require appropriate services.

Team Teach

Team Teach provides accredited, award-winning training in positive behaviour management strategies. The course equips individuals and teams working with both children and adults in a variety of settings to transform challenging situations and behaviours into positive outcomes and maintain positive relationships.

Introduction to Makaton

This interactive session will guide you through how to support the spoken language through a system of signs and symbols. Makaton can be used with children and adults with a broad range of communication needs. The core vocabulary is made up of 450 words and we shall be learning to sign the main functional words.

Autism Awareness

This online course is aimed at staff who are involved with young people who have Autism. Candidates will gain a better understanding of what Autism is and the effect it has on an individual. The content can follow two different pathways: Child development and Autism Awareness or Adult Mental Health and Autism.

Epilepsy Awareness

This online Epilepsy Awareness content is designed for support staff who work with children suffering with Epilepsy. This online content will provide candidates with knowledge on the main effects of Epilepsy and the importance of supporting service users to take their prescribed medication.


The course focusses on the fundamental ideas behind phonics teaching, necessary to develop strong reading and writing skills further into Key Stage 2, as outlined in the DfE letters and sounds documents. We aim to develop your knowledge and confidence in delivering a phonics session to your pupils.

Learning disabilities

Our online Learning Disabilities course is designed to enable participants to gain a better understanding about learning disabilities. Candidates will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with what a learning disability is, understanding the different types of learning disabilities and the best approach to dealing with challenging behaviours and learning disabilities.


Self-harm is an extremely complex issue, both for those who self-harm and the professionals who support them. This module will raise your awareness of self-harm, help you to develop an understanding of the issues faced by self-harmers, and what you can do to help them.

Positive behavioural support

This session introduces positive behaviour support (PBS), an evidence-based approach to meeting the needs of people whose behaviours are seen by others as challenging.


 The Child Counselling Course for Teachers will take a deep dive into the common psychological issues which children face. This course covers the therapeutic language you should use when working with children, along with how to deal with conflict and stress as a teacher. It also covers behavioural therapies and studies the importance of the parent, child, teacher relationship