COVID-19 Safety Measures

By following government guidelines, we aim to keep all of our employees and candidates safe, as well as all of the children and staff at the schools we partner with. The latest government guidelines can be found here:

Below are some handy tips that we can all do to help keep everyone safe and happy!


Things Chalk are doing

  • Registration process completed without face-to-face contact, through use of video interviews.
  • ID documents and certificates sent online to reduce social interaction.
  • Regular liaisons with schools and continual monitoring of changing government guidelines.
  • Regular reviews of our current processes and any updates communicated to our staff.
  • Minimise different staff going into several schools in a short space of time.


Things teachers and support staff can do

  • Avoid public transport where possible.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Wear a face mask where appropriate.
  • Take your own resources and stationery into school.
  • Take your own packed lunch.
  • Keep your distance from others (2 metres where possible).
  • Inform us immediately if you feel unwell or have any COVID symptoms (temperature, cough or change in taste/smell).
  • Inform us if someone you live with has tested positive or is showing symptoms.
  • Inform us if you have been advised by NHS track and trace to self-isolate.
  • Inform us if you have been to another country outside of the UK and are required to self-isolate.


Things schools can do

  • Inform us if a Chalk candidate has been in contact with a pupil who has since tested positive for COVID.
  • Provide updated COVID Risk Assessments to staff.
  • Let staff know of any specific procedures in place, such as one-way systems in school.
  • Have hand sanitiser and cleaning products readily available.
  • Make classrooms COVID-safe with desks appropriately spaced out as per government guidelines.
  • Keep us informed of any changes within the school that will affect our workers.